Sunday, June 10, 2007

Oh? Wow! Thing! - M. T. Anderson's *Feed*

In M. T. Anderson's Feedfrom 2002, everyone is connected to an ongoing stream of information -- think the net on steroids, accessed 24 hrs/day through a chip implanted in your head. This connection is called, unsurprisingly, "the feed," and it's fairly traumatic for individuals whose connection is severed. In the passage below, the narrator and his friends have been disconnected from the feed by a hacker:

...[I]t's not so much about the educational stuff but more regarding the fact that everything that goes on, goes on on the feed. All of the feedcasts and the instant news, that's on there, so there's all the entertainment I was missing without a feed, like the girls were all missing their favorite feedcast, this show called Oh? Wow! Thing! which has all these kids like us who do stuff but get all pouty, which is what the girls go crazy for, the poutiness.

--Feed by M. T. Anderson, pp. 39-40

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